THE LTC Process...

The Leadership Training Center Process...

Some participants may enter the process solely with the intent of taking the four classes. Others may enter the process and feel that they are called to enter the commissioned pastor process. Below you will see how this will work for you here at the LTC.




Ministry Leadership


Participants in this process may be staff members, small group leaders, children’s and youth workers, elders or deacons, or anyone who has a vision for developing their own leadership in one of Centerpoint’s or another local church’s ministries. This process is designed to equip leaders who are in ministry for ministry.



Commissioned Pastor


This process is one that will continue on after the ministry leadership track. All participants in the ministry leadership track will be assessed by facilitators for their fitness in this process. When participants, facilitators and the Holy Spirit cooperate together and identify participants for this process there is an additional application and assessment process. In order for this process to happen participants need to have the assessment, application, and their letter of recommendation from their pastor to begin. The Church Leadership Center along with the Classis will help assign a mentor, a learning plan, and track progress through the e portfolio to ensure completion to the Classis standards.


Key Elements:


  • Complete the Ministry Leadership Courses
  • Biblical Knowledge
  • Preaching
  • Pastoral Care
  • Sacraments
  • Old and New Testament
  • Theology
  • Church History
  • RCA Church Government
  • Mentoring and E-Portfolio Completion
  • Pre, Mid, and Final assessment and Feedback

Leadership Training Center

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